Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown to trip....

As I sit here pondering life and what the next chapter entails, I get excited knowing that within that chapter I will experience the beautiful land and gracious people of Tanzania, Africa. I leave for East Africa on June 5, 2009 - just 45 days away. I will stay in Tanzania and Zanzibar for 4 weeks and will return to Athens, GA on July 3rd. This will be my first visit to the motherland and I doubt it will be my last.

I have been drawn, as most of us have at some point, to the lure of the African continent. Whether that is because some of human's earliest fossils are discovered there, its vast landscapes filled with exotic wildlife, or the people who inhabit the land - from city dwellers to remote tribes - Africa pulls us in. Just the mention of Africa will spark an interesting conversation that one feels passionate about, whether that is education, health care, poverty, anthropology, archeology, hunger, wildlife, etc. There is a mystique about the continent. As a westerner, there is much to learn from Africa and the people who inhabit the continent - an ethnically diverse continent with many traditions, languages, religions, and ways of life.

The pull is strong and it is luring me in. Africa is calling me.