Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures from first couple of days...

Words cannot describe the feelings I have being here in Tanzania. The people and culture are fascinating. The place we are staying is a training center for adults in order for them to help improve communities throughout Tanzania (peace and conflict resolution, economic development, political lanscapes, etc.). We have intensive training each day in Swahili language and culture. I have been practicing my Swahili with the Tanzanians who are also staying on campus here (they receive certificates, bachelor's degrees, etc. in specific areas). I love the language and plan to continue to to learn following this trip.

I will try and post as many pictures as possible each day (although the computers are a bit slow). Here are a few - some buildings on site at TCDC, a kindergarten class on site, the infamous monkey that trys to get in my room each night, women selling their goods at a local market, students at a primary school in Arusha (the only government primary school in Tanzania where English is the medium of instruction).

More pictures and stories to come....


  1. wish you have a good trip, post more photos.

  2. I loved the kids and seeing the women make their handmade goods. You look like you are having an amazing time already!